Introduction to Bitcoin 比特币介绍-陈聪慧 (英国北安普顿大学)

主  题:Introduction to Bitcoin 比特币介绍

内容简介:Bitcoin is a decentralized payment system which works without a central authority. This lecture gives an introduction to its concepts and consists of the following 5 parts: 1) What Bitcoin is; 2) the fundamentals of how it works;3) how it is different from bank transfer system  4)what the underlying blockchain technology is; 5) where and how we can use it in practice

报告人:陈聪慧      博士

时  间:2018-12-20    14:30

地  点:竞秀北204

举办单位:金融学院  科研部  经济与金融研究院

责任编辑: 科研处
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