Globalization of English and Changing Definitions of Proficiency-Suresh Canagarajah (Department of Applied Linguistics and English, Pennsylvania State


主  题:Globalization of English and Changing Definitions of Proficiency

    Debates about testing international English have revolved around two important questions. They are: Whose norms should we adopt? How do we define proficiency in the English language? The answers to these questions have been dominated by positions belonging to two well-entrenched ideological camps that I would label the World Englishes (WE) perspective (see Lowenberg 2002) and the Standard English (SE) perspective (see Davies 2002). We find ourselves in a new geopolitical order with different communicative needs. What I call postmodern globalization rules the previous arguments irrelevant and calls for a more complex orientation that moves the discourse on proficiency to a totally different level.
    In this presentation, I first introduce the changing social context and outline the new communicative needs people are faced with. Based on this context, I then describe the new orientation to norms and proficiency that should inform teaching and assessment. This means that we have to move away from the previous paradigms of teaching to creatively devise new practices that would address our emerging communicative needs.

报告人:Suresh Canagarajah    教授

时  间:2017-05-17    14:00

地  点:文心楼307

举办单位:大学外语教学部  文学院  科研部

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