Demystifying Deep Learning-徐亦达 (悉尼科技大学)


主  题:Demystifying Deep Learning

内容简介:Deep Learning has recently gaining traction in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as these algorithms allow researchers to achieved unprecedented level of accuracy in many applications, from image object recognition, to word embedding. However, to many people, Deep Learning is still a misery; In this talk, we will go through some of the common Deep Learning techniques including Convolution Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks etc; We will simplify some of the understandings in Deep Learning and more importantly we will show their future applications.

报告人:徐亦达   教授

时  间:2016-08-16    14:00

地  点:竞慧西楼402

举办单位: 理学院  统计与大数据科学研究院  科研部

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